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byte ya matez

Hosted by Tech Nottingham, Hack24 is a 24-hour coding competition based in Nottingham City centre.

Teams of up to four people compete for some awesome prizes by starting with innovative ideas and building them into new things.

esendex challenge

Our team, decided to work on the Esendex brief.

The aim of the brief was simple;
“Make communication (and the world) better!” 

Teams received bonus points for using Esendex products. We used the ‘Esendex Multi-channel API’. This allowed users to interact with each other using their mobile phones. When paired with a mapping API, this allowed us to create a virtual game of ‘tag’ that could be used with friends across the city.

Zombies vs Humans

The aim of the game is simple; Chase and Tag your friends around your area. You get allocated a team; Zombies or Humans. As soon as there are no more players for one team left, then the game restarts.

There are ‘Power’, ‘Safe’ and ‘Dead’ zones where you can call out to your friends to help each team to take advantage and swing the pendulum of your side to win the game.

You tag a friend by tapping your phone on the other players device, making sure NFC (Near Field Communication) is active.


I decided to create a fun twist on the loader for the app. In the true spirit of zombies, the body would crawl across the bottom of the screen whilst the page loads.

Zombie loading bar example

Status bar

These are the status indicators showing the number of players currently on each team. As players swap between groups; the Humans or Zombies counters change.


No game is complete without relevant notifications explaining the situation of yourself and friends within your area.